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Folding Doors


The folding mosquito doors use special fabric for net. These fabric are completely soft and reusable that you wash these mosquito net with soft detergents and soaps gently. When there is more dirt you can even soak the insect net in water and wash it again with clean water. It will not damage even on heavy sunlight when used for long time. You will definitely feel it comfort on use. These specially fabricated insect net screens are manufactured on unique manufacturing specifications.

The foldable insect meshes are present in two varieties


Horizontal doors

Vertical doors

The insect mesh is folded horizontally in horizontal doors whereas it is opened in opposite direction in vertical doors. The insect mesh can be made in any type based on the place and height of the door. When the doors are of big heights it is better to use horizontal mosquito net but at the same time it is not wise to use horizontal mosquito net when the doors are short and small. These type of horizontal folding doors are seen in bathroom ventilators or kitchen ventilators.

Number of folds

The number of folds, in mosquito doors is always decided by size of the doors. If the door is of big size the number of folds are manifold. If the door is of small size it more sufficient to use two folds mosquito doors. Want to be free of pesky insect use our folding doors and be free in mind. It is our duty to alert you that small children’s catch diseases easily. These mosquito breed fast in water creating dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria.. many more protect your family members and children’s from dangerous and easily spreadable diseases by using our insect mesh. Have a happy life.

If your main door is so big and worrying about how to fix a mosquito net for it. Don’t worry!!!! Folding mosquito doors are ideal solution for your entire need that keeps you away from harmful insect and pests. So simple to use just pull the insect screen handle when you want fresh cooling air.