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Hook and Loop Netlon (Velcro)


Hook and loop (Velcro) model is a traditional model but still a proven successful model. It can be used in any place and easy to install in any situation. The concept of Mosquito net with Velcro is so simple to use and remove. Just stick the insect net screen and when you pull the screen it is easily removable.

This kind of insect mesh is easily washable. We have even special liquids for cleaning these insect net screens so that the Velcro has long sticking ability. The cleaning liquids are imported from china and given to consumers at affordable price. We also give some discounts for regular customers. Our client portfolio is always extended because of our honest services.

On order our worker will visit your place and measure the size of the window or door. later he will tailor the mosquito net according to specification given with Velcro. Following it he will also fix the mosquito net frame in the window frame.

Apart from selling hook and loop insect screens we are ready to do any service to customers even if you have purchased the product from other dealers. We give one year of free after sale service to all our customers who purchased from us. Just in one call we are at your door steps. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We are best served mosquito net dealers in Coimbatore.

These mosquito net come in different colors like light blue, green, black, grey, pink, white, half white, yellow and purple. You can choose any color mosquito net that suits your house. The materials of mosquito net screens also come in various materials like plastic, cotton or synthetic. You can decide on it and tell us. You can just hook and put a loop on use and remove it when not in use. These type of screens can be removed and taken to other houses when you are shifting your residence or office area. These kind of reusable hook and loop mosquito net are especially useful for persons who often shift their house from one city to another we even serve them anywhere in India.