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Magnetic Window


Magnetic window, we can open and close the window according to the people choice and need. Magnetic windows keep the windows open grip. Even the large windows can be hold tight because heavy horse shoe shaped magnetss are used.

We are leading mosquito nets dealers for windows and doors. We are listed first in google for our quality service and large quantity of supply. We have all type of magnetss in various quality and shape.

It can be fixed with wooden doors, glass doors, or aluminum doors or windows. Afraid of mosquitoes and your friends, relatives… avoid coming home. Use or product and invite your friend they will be definitely happy to stay with you without bugs. You see bugs remember us without fail we will explain on all we have we give you mosquito mesh designs beyond your imagination.

The magnetsism power of our magnetss are very high than other dealer products this gives more durability and long life. When you take other dealer products, the magnetsic power is very less so the gripping nature is also very less. After some time the window never attaches to the magnets. But our magnetsic windows stands strong even after generations. We use only quality magnetss specially imported for this purpose we never use general use magnetss or play magnetss. We use same pole repel and opposite poles attract mechanism. This mechanism, not only keep your children’s away from opening but also your pets. For trendy insect mesh come to us we will display varied stylys and designs that you have never seen it before.

The mosquito nets fixture frames have special slots filled with powerful magnetss so when we move the window to opposite pole it attaches automatically. We come and service the magnets then and there and see io that it functions properly. Insect mesh comes in different colors and in varied textures. If you have rat and pet animal problems we advice to use steel mesh as it is hard to bite metal mesh. The cloth mesh can be easily bitten so we never advise those kind to materials even it is so cheap. The maintenance cost of insect mesh is very less and very rare.