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Openable Magnetic Windows


Magnetic mosquito mesh for windows and doors are yet another trendy model used in many upcoming offices and multinational companies. Many corporate offices use these kinds of fixture frames for its modern outlook and good grip by nature.

Many homes use net screens only in the evenings for good air flow and good visibility. Because there may be some rooms in the house where the air flow is ver less and minimum they want to escape from bugs and insect yet compromising their air and light. For this nature of people we suggest openable type mosquito mesh so that they open and keep whenever they want and close it before the mosquitoes and bugs enter inside. There are many people who not only dislike mosquito but also so lizards they can use these insect net screens and sit relax.

Many children’s may remove the stopper for play way when it is magnetic it holds tight that even small children’s can’t open easily. They have to put more effort to open and close.

Magnetic mosquito mesh for windows and doors contains magnets that are specially ordered and made based on size of the door and windows. Before cutting the magnets even its shape is considered and taken into account, as there are many shapes of windows like square, rectangle, semi circle and many more.

It always best to use fly screen mesh where there are one or more children’s as these days the immunity power of children’s is very less and cannot be ignored. Always prevention is better than cure so we please all people to use quality mosquito net and save our children’s from harmful diseases. In many children’s on mosquito bite their body swell and creating itching sensation. For people with wheezing trouble it is best to use mosquito net for windows and doors as it is a healthier and good practice. Always doctors advice, them to be away from toxic repellent and mosquito chemicals.