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Openable Mosquito Net for Windows(Stopper)


Openable screen windows with stopper style are insect mesh with classic design and with long durability. This open type with stopper stle is used in places where there is a heavy wind or in the upper floor of apartments or in office areas. Generally, used in area where there is more airflow. Because of the heavy airflow the insect net screen may open easily and disturbs the ongoing work and employees working over there.

Think of a scenario where the flies net for windows open suddenly and people scratching their body. For a gentle office outlook, use openable screen windows with stopper.

The Main advantages:


The windows can be fixed in a place till the time we want.

Used in heavy airflow or windy places

Available in different colors of channels

Multiple meshes options.

The mosquito mesh can be built in aluminum, fiber glass, or stainless steel in different colors like black, gray or white according to your taste and preferences. The colors of channels are also in available in many colors like brown, golden brown, coffee brown, bark gray, black, white and half white color.

We are best mosquito net dealers in Coimbatore with unique stopper designs and stopper colors we always understand the customer need and guide him a best choice. The customer need not roam for mosquito windows or doors they can just come to us as we have all designs under one roof. From low budget to high budget family we are here near your doorsteps come and enjoy bite free world with us. All our products are so worthy for the money you spent. The service what we give you stay fit even after a long time duration.

Whenever there is heavy wind don’t forget to use stopper style models. If you have already a mosquito mesh we can change it to stopper style if you wish. We serve you at your doorsteps at any time. All you need to do is just give phone call we will come and visit your place and tell you a best choice of mosquito net fixture frames.