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Stainless Steel Mosquito Net


We have number one quality of Stainless steel mosquito net. We purchase steel directly from steel manufacturer and produce a high quality insect mesh. The stainless steel mosquito net is polished well to give elegant look on hosting in your bungalows and luxury apartments or star hotels.

Now a day’s people prefer these kind of nets as it has long life and very sturdy in nature. The machine woven steel mesh looks beautiful and adds richness to your place. Come and look at our sample stainless steel mosquito net screens we are sure you will definitely like it. You can also gain some experience from our delighted customers.

The pros of stainless steel mosquito net


So strong

Withstand heat and fire

Long life

If place is troubled more by cats and rats we advise you to use stainless steel mosquito nets as they cant bite it and leave way for other pests to come in. In many houses with pets these kinds of mosquito nets are purchased.

The steel net screen is so thin and strong with small holes in it. The polish and shine is not lost even after long time. It can be tailored for various purposes like your balcony, sit out, open arena, bathroom ventilators, kitchen ventilator, or for any area and of different size.

Stainless steel mosquito net screens can be used for both windows and doors. We have special machineries in our factory to cut the steel mosquito net according to your design specification. They are completely rust free. We suggest in many factories where the risk of fire is high. Whereas the other fabric made mosquito net cannot withstand fire and catch fire easily. We can make these stainless steel mosquito net screens to open able type or fold able type windows.

We deliver the mosquito net products on time without any delay, free transport services, high visibility, a-grade quality,24 hours support, unique patterns, cheap price, numerous colors, rich outlook, transparent flies screens. We even take outstation orders. We are well experienced manufacturers, and suppliers of quality mosquito mesh.